Craig Anthony Perkins, a.k.a. Genshi, is a Southern California native currently living in the High Desert of New Mexico. He is a Film & TV Composer, Sound Designer, Multi-instrumentalist, Synthesist, and Modular Artist that began as a Drummer at the age of 4 and picked up Guitar by the age of 8; eventually learning bass, synths and several other instruments by age 14.

Craig's self-run indy label, ZERO:GENSHI Records, releases a variety of genres under different project names (Genshi, jido-genshi, Science Patrol, cell:burn, StarDotStar, Mielikki, and Seven Summer Eyes). As Genshi, his live modular performances highlight his Experimental Cinematic Ambient style. Craig also has performed live with his retro electro/synthpop project known as Science Patrol, and as Genshi Media Group he is known for his synth demos on YouTube.

As a Film and TV Composer, he has scored the music to a variety of indie short films, including a few he Directed himself (including winning the 2012 Best Animation and Grand Prize Best Overall Film at the iPhone Film Fest). More recently Craig has scored his first 3 feature films, including the cult hit “Zombie Tidal Wave” for the SyFy Channel, Executive Produced by Ian Ziering and written and directed by the team who brought you all of those Sharknado movies!

Craig is also featured in the Amazon Prime documentary "Patch CV: Controlling Voltage" as one of the composers as well as one of the interviewed modular synth artists.